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Eligibility Requirements:


Accurate Information

Customers participating in the pre-sales program must be registered with Belan, providing accurate and complete information during registration. Belan reserves the right to reject any registration that does not meet the eligibility requirements.


Distribution Acceptance and Market Presence


In areas where Belan products are accessible through physical stores, distributors running online-only shops are not eligible. This restriction stands to preserve the integrity of existing physical store locations and avoid dilution of their sales and margins. Belan places priority on distributors with physical store fronts. However, this criterion doesn't apply if a distributor is venturing into an entirely new market or selling a different product line. 


The buyer must represent a company or entity capable of settling invoices with an eligible Tax ID.



The wholesale clothing distributor, Arte Infantil (DBA: Belan, an EU-registered brand), will offer pre-sales of selected clothing items to registered customers for a limited time before the official release date of the products.


Belan's pre-sales order windows are designated according to the different seasonal collections:


Summer Collections: Pre-orders for Summer collections commence from June through the 2nd week of September.

Winter Collections: The order window for Winter collections is open from December through the 1st week of March.

Ceremony Collections: Orders for the Ceremony collection are open year-round, featuring a 6-week lead time.

These predefined order windows ensure that distributors have ample opportunity to place pre-orders for different seasonal collections according to the specified time frames.


Please take note of the specific order windows for each collection during the pre-sales phase, allowing sufficient time for planning and ordering products in alignment with the seasonal launches.




The pre-sales pricing for each item is listed on Belan's website and is subject to change without notice. All prices are listed in Euros and are tax-free within the EU.


Distributors are obliged to adhere to the Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) established by Belan for each product. The MSRP is the lowest price at which a product can be sold, preventing any distributor from undercutting prices within shared markets. Any deviations below the MSRP must be approved in writing by Belan.


This provision aims to maintain pricing consistency across distributors and mitigate any conflict arising from price competition within shared markets.




Payment terms for ordering Belan products entail a 30% deposit upon order confirmation. The remaining balance, inclusive of shipping costs, is to be settled before delivery.


Distributors are required to adhere to the stipulated payment terms as follows:


A 30% deposit is required at the time of order confirmation to secure the products.

If the deposit is not collected before the closing date of the pre-order season, the order will be subject to cancellation.

The remaining balance, along with the shipping costs, must be settled before the scheduled delivery date.

Failure to pay the remaining balance may result in Belan reserving the right to withhold the deposit.

Adherence to the specified payment terms is crucial to ensure the orderly processing and timely delivery of Belan products.




Belan will dispatch pre-sales orders promptly upon product availability. Delivery times vary based on the customer's location and the chosen shipping method. Belan is not liable for delivery delays due to factors beyond its control. All orders follow a 'First In - First Out' order of delivery.


For our Ceremony, Family, & Basic collections, orders can be placed year-round with a six-week lead time, allowing clients to restock popular styles or order new designs as needed.


  • Summer collections are available for pre-order during June, July, and August, with delivery in January through February.


  • Winter collections can be pre-ordered in January and February for delivery in July & August.


Returns and Exchanges:


Pre-sales items are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, except for cases of product defects or damage upon arrival. Customers must notify Belan within 14 days of receiving the product and provide photographic evidence of the defect or damage for consideration.




Pre-sales orders cannot be canceled once payment is made. No refunds are issued after payment, but Belan may offer a credit for future purchases at its discretion.




In the event of a defect, please notify Belan within two weeks of receiving the order. Appropriate actions will be taken, ranging from reimbursements to full refunds, and return of the product with shipping costs covered by Belan.


Limited Availability:


The pre-sales program is subject to limited availability. Belan reserves the right to limit the quantity of pre-sales orders per customer. First orders may receive priority in cases of stock limitations.




Belan does not guarantee pre-sales product availability or delivery and reserves the right to change or cancel the pre-sales program without notice. In such cases, a full refund will be provided to the customer.


Governing Law:


These terms are governed by the laws of Zaragoza, Spain. Any disputes arising shall be resolved through arbitration as per EU regulatory body rules.




Order Fulfillment:


The wholesaler commits to fulfilling all received orders in a timely manner, subject to stock availability and other uncontrollable factors.


Exclusive Territory:


The region will be divided into exclusive territories for each distributor, ensuring no competition among distributors in the same geographical area.


Sales Quotas:


The wholesaler may set sales quotas for each distributor to ensure proper regional coverage. Failure to meet quotas may result in the loss of exclusivity for the distributor.




The wholesaler agrees to provide uniform pricing for the same products to all distributors. Deviations below standard pricing must be approved in writing by the wholesaler.


Marketing and Advertising:


Each distributor agrees to market and advertise the wholesaler's products without conflicting with the efforts of other distributors. All promotional materials require prior approval by the wholesaler.




Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice. Upon termination, the distributor must cease all sales and marketing efforts for the wholesaler's products in the exclusive territories.

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